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I strongly believe that we all deserve something original and unique in our lives, in a world where duplication and copy seems to be the norm, I have chosen to only produce once-off original pieces. Each artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and my personal guarantee that it is one of a kind with no further copies or prints being produced.

From the Artist

“The greatest art is not what we create but what has been created for us.” In a world where we are beginning to mistake connectivity for connection, it is no surprise that loneliness, anxiety and depression are becoming common ailments in todays’ society. I don’t doubt that we are a technological species but I also believe that we are a spiritual species, connected to the physical environment we inhabit. What I portray is combination of these three elements, it is how I choose to see the world… Each piece is a guaranteed original, I take the photographs myself, I create the artwork and print only one canvas. When you buy one of my artworks you can rest assured that what you have is as unique and individual as you. What do you see?

About me

Born in what was then Rhodesia, I moved to South Africa at a very young age. Later on I studied Advertising and worked in both the Advertising and Film Production industries for over 12 years. Life has a way of re-directing you sometimes and this is true of my experiences, allowing these changes to happen I opened my first gallery in South Africa in 2010 and studied Addiction Counselling. In 2018 I moved to the UK where I currently work in addiction services and continue to challenge my perspective on life through my art.


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Photographic Art

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